SURYA (Solusi Karya & Griya) Flexi

SURYA (Solusi Karya & Griya) FLEXI
SURYA (Solusi Karya & Griya) Flexi is a network capital and multipurpose facilities that can be used according to your needs.

Credit Features:
  1. Tenor (Network Capital Facilities) up to 2 (two) year
  2. Tenor (Investment Facilities) up to 5 (five) year
The benefit of SURYA FLEXI are:
  1. Inventory Financing
  2. Receivables Financing
  3. Engineering/Machine Financing
  4. Heavy Equipment Financing
  5. Business Premises Renovation Financing
  6. Purchase of Property Financing (Home / Shop / Apartment / Office)
  7. Multipurpose Financing (Renovation, Education, Medicine, Marriage, etc)
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